Music Video 

"Since I found"

This year, in April 2023, we want to bring a real heartfelt project to life and are shooting a music video to an original song by one of our team members. We developed the choreography for "Since I Found" ourselves. "Since I Found" is an original song by Basel-based singer-songwriter and Jazzmatics member Olivia Simon.

Song & choreography

"Since I Found" is an original song by Basel singer-songwriter and Jazzmatics member Olivia Simon. Choreography, costumes and make-up are community projects of the whole dance group.

Inspiration & topic

 "Since I Found" is about returning home, meeting other people and the influence of these encounters on one's own journey of self-discovery. The focus of the choreography is the dynamic interaction with other people and the mutual inspiration. 

Organization & management

We organize this project on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, the work of art has its price. On the day of shooting Jazzmatics will be assisted by professional filmmakers for the music video shoot, for whose fair remuneration we need financial support.

Next Audition

Join our team! On Monday, 09.10.2023 from rom 8:00 - 9:30 pm we have our open training and are happy about all interested people who would like to join our team. We will warm up together, do diagonals, turns, jumps and a choreography.