Founded in September 2007 by Bettina Lütolf and Sibel Gürler, Jazzmatics is now an association affiliated to the University Sport Basel. All dancers of Jazzmatics are members of the association and most are students or alumni of the University of Basel.

Jazzmatics is the jazz and modern dance group of the University of Basel. Our choreographies include elements
of show dance, classical ballet, contemporary and urban dance as well as modern jazz dance. The technique of
classical ballet forms the basis of our dance style.


The dance group trains jazz and modern dance every Monday and ballet every Friday. All members attend
additional external dance, yoga or pilates classes of their choice. Moreover, we organize training weekends on a
regular basis, where we either work towards a specific show or train with renowned dance professionals. So far,
Jazzmatics has worked with Fred Mazaudou, Agata Lawniczak, Natalie Wagner, Lesli Wiesner, Rena
Brandenberger, Yannick Badier, Soledad Steinhard, Patricia Rotondaro, Marco Volta and Antonia Dzajo. With these dance workshops, we continuously increase our dance quality as well as profit from valuable artistic input provided by
such experienced experts.